Straight Outta North Beach!

I’m often asked for my opinion on my neighborhood of North Beach in San Francisco. People outside of the city usually ask wanting to know what its like to live in a place that is always busy, usually beautiful, and seemingly equal parts wealthy and sketchy. San Franciscans from other neighborhoods ask while wanting me  to confirm their worst suspicions  (its filled with bridge and tunnel club kids and/or mouth breathing tourists) or their best   (its filled with great restaurants in one of the most fun  parts of the city).

North Beach is the quintessential San Francisco neighborhood because like the city itself, it is all those things. It was after hiking up the summit of Vallejo St. that I fell in love with the city. By the time I’d looped over to Coit Tower, Washington Sq. Park and  regrouped at City Lights Books, I decided that at some point in my life I had to live here.

I hope clicking through the photos in this  gallery will give you a sense of North Beach as I experience the  neighborhood. I hope you love our little village in the city and if you don’t, I hope you stay out so that the rest of us at least have a chance to get a table for brunch at Mama’s Cafe.


One thought on “Straight Outta North Beach!

  1. After 40 hours of doing my monkey dance for the man each week, I go to this site to get my monkey treats. Great pics!

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