Why Normal People are Voting Trump

By Michael Wertz

Imagine you’re a Republican or more essentially, just anti-Democrat. Imagine that though you’d love for government to be smaller and more conservative, what you really want is for it to work. To be able to efficiently solve problems with as little intrusion into your life as possible.

Now consider the reality of these strategic actions by “mainstream, establishment” Republicans:

1. They refuse to simply consider a Supreme Court justice nominee thereby compromising our judiciary.

2. They declined to even meet with the White House to merely discuss a budget thereby compromising our executive.

3. All of this comes on the heels of seven years of unprecedented obstructionism where the GOP seems to think that taking your ball and going home is the same as governance. So yeah, you guessed it, thereby compromising our legislature.

By pursuing these tactics, Republicans are making each problem worse and increasing the the potential intrusiveness of any eventual solution. In other words, the exact opposite of how’d you’d like the system to operate.

Again, imagine you’re a conservative person who just wants government to work. Your options are Ted Cruz, the guy who single handily shutdown the government for grandstanding that accomplished exactly zero other than raising his profile. Or Marco Rubio, a “mainstream” senator who, on the rare occasion he actually shows up to vote, is as obstructionist and unoriginal as his brethren.

How could you be anything other than angry at this state of affairs? So angry in fact that at this point, issues and rationality don’t matter. You just want someone to reflect and amplify your anger towards a Republican establishment that makes every problem worse by refusing to do anything, even their jobs. So what if that someone is a ranting, lunatic, demagogue who just promises to make “America Great Again.” How? No one knows and its not important. He’s not them and that’s what matters. That’s ALL that matters. The Republicans brought the scourge of Trump upon themselves and the sweaty handwringing over his ascent would be funny if only the stakes weren’t so high.

But the stakes are high and this stuff does matter and no, it’s not too much for Democrats, Republicans or Independents like me to ask that the government function. This is not a case of “each party is to blame” or “All politicians are slimy” or “Democrats do bad stuff too”. No. When you make that argument, you lighten the weight of responsibility that falls squarely and rightly on the shoulders of the Republican leadership which, as a matter of STRATEGY has decided to simply obstruct at every possible turn. As a result, we all suffer the disfunction that gives rise to anger , that gives rise to irrationality, that gives rise to Trump.

To paraphrase Chris Rock, I’m not sayin vote Trump–but I understand.