American Culture of Violence at Root of Charelston Shooting 


Other than the horrific fact that there are nine victims and grieving families in South Carolina, the worst of this shooting is its normalcy. We’ve had so many mass shootings, random murders and general carnage that there is no level of headline font size that makes this surprising. There is no expression of outrage, no matter how sincere, that can mask the damnable normalcy of violence in our country.  

The core problem here is not limited only to the availability of guns, the persistence of racism, or the inadequacy of mental health care. All of these things orbit a cowardly unwillingness to acknowledge and address a cultural psychosis that results in us having a higher tolerance for and willingness to engage in a regular level of violence not seen in other developed countries.  

It’s guns. It’s health care. It’s racism. It’s xenophobia. Its poor education. It’s religious intolerance. Its the counterproductive insistence that the USA is “the best country in the world”. It’s us. We the people are not holding ourselves accountable for our penchant for violence.  

Feeling at a loss? Don’t worry, we can take up this discussion after the next shooting.